TODO list for Issyours#

  • GitHubFetcher improvements
    • When issue is referenced from another issue or pull request, it is not visible in its API response, therefore not rendered by us (git-bug#175)
    • Code review comments attached to individual lines of code are not exported (git-bug#57)
  • GitHubReader content improvements
    • Emoji reactions (add to HTML body)
    • Multi-level todo lists (LibPQ#17)
  • Internal hyperlinks and mentions in GitHubReader
    • Issues and pull requests
    • User mentions
    • Attachment links
  • Internal hyperlinks in Renderer (with other Pelican pages)
  • Multi-prefix common index for issues (based on date?)
  • Test on a large dataset
  • Profile memory and CPU usage

References in parentheses contain repo and issue number where the feature is in use. MichaelMure/git-bug is used as default test dataset