Release LibPQ as *.mez file #13

open enhancement on hold
sio submitted on Wed 09 May 2018 # OWNER


  1. Create a build script that packages LibPQ into *.mez file
  2. Build and test LibPQ as Power Query Extension
    • Decide where to store LibPQPath (or maybe introduce sensible defaults)
    • Decide whether to include only LibPQ or to package all default modules as well

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sio labeled enhancement on Wed 09 May 2018
sio commented on Thu 10 May 2018 # OWNER

As of now Power Query Extensions are not supported by Excel 2016, which makes them unusable for me.

Here is the build script, but it will remain in an unmerged branch until I'll be able to test and improve it.

sio labeled on hold on Fri 11 May 2018
sio commented on Wed 16 May 2018 # OWNER

The missing functionality is planned for some time in the future: