Issyours demonstration#

Prerendered demo website is available here. Follow this article to build the same content on your machine.

Building demo web site#

Makefiles bundled with Issyours source code allow you to generate a working demo website very quickly. Use this to get a first look at Issyours or as a supplement to documentation when configuring your own setup.

Your system will not be modified at all. Building steps are executed in virtual environment and all generated artifacts can be discarded with make clean

Clone/download this repo:

$ git clone ""

Check that Python is available via python3 command: python3 --version. Set PY environment variable to contain the proper Python command if python3 is not the right one for you.

Obtain oAuth token from GitHub and save it to ISSYOURS_GITHUB_TOKEN environment variable:

$ export ISSYOURS_GITHUB_TOKEN=a88a5...

Switch to Issyours directory and run GNU Make:

$ cd issyours
$ make demo

This will generate all website pages and save them to demo-output directory. Python virtual environment will be automatically created and will be reused for repeated make invocations.

You can browse HTML pages from the filesystem or launch a local webserver and browse them via http://localhost:8000/issues:

$ make serve

Customizing demo build#

Use these environment variables to alter the behavior of demo build:

  • DEMO_REPO (default: sio/LibPQ) - the repo to mirror issues and pull requests from
  • DEMO_STORAGE (default: demo-github-data) - directory to save data from GitHub